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March 18, 2014 / Mr. Rojo

The @cdchivasusa v Vancouver tailgate

20140318-190842.jpg The Black Army tailgate against the Vancouver Whitecaps was another fun filled event. The theme for this game was St. Patrick’s Day.

20140318-185644.jpg As usual, Black Army likes to have potlucks so everyone was encouraged to bring some green colored food. There were green color cookies, chips & dip… you name it we had it! As always the beer exchange is very popular for the members of the Black Army. There was a lot of Guinness and other Irish beers at the tailgate, however, some of our members brought a few interesting brews.

20140318-174040.jpg Saison and Bocks are never out of place at the tailgates. Of course there are plenty of tailgate friendly beers that are always there… PBR, Tecate, Bud Lights. The beers we share are like a metaphor for the Black Army itself. We don’t discriminate and there is room for all types!

We also had a few special guests at this weeks tailgate: Our Chivas Girls.


The girls came around to take pictures and sign autograph cards. And as nice as it was to have the Chivas Girls stop by, we were even happier to see these girls at the tailgate.

20140318-182209.jpg It was great to have all the little kids running around the tailgate. As rough and rowdy as we look, we love having our kids at the tailgate.



Being a member of a supporters group, we take for granted that we all sing and dance during the games, and we know our players appreciate our support (D Kennedy, Rosales, Burling, Fondy, always swing by the corner at the end of the game), but this match was different. The kids in the section closest to us were following along with the songs and even initiating the choral response of CHIVAS to our USA. But what touched our hearts the most was this young girl, pictures with Cyndee M.

20140318-184333.jpg Cyndee leads us in our #IBelieve chant. Her “Tinkerbelle” like voice is such a contrast to the group’s baritone choral response. But this game, this young girl, following Cyndee’s example, actually lead us in the #IBelieve chant… Twice! Her little voice full of confidence taking the lead was enough to make any father’s heart burst with pride. After the game, Cyndee awarded this young girl with one of our BA1850 bandanas and buttons.

But that’s just the type of fans we are, I guess… You can see it in our signs. #Belong it’s not just our motto, but one of our core beliefs. Everyone belongs! Everyone’s welcome. So stop by the tailgate and share some beer and snacks with us. Come stand with us in Section 138 and know that no matter where you’re from, how you look, or what you like… We’re all ANGELINOS. And we’re all gonna stand side by side and sing: #IBelieveThatWeWillWin

March 9, 2014 / Mr. Rojo

Chivas USA v Chicago Fire March 9, 2013

First tailgate of the season and it was wonderful to see everyone. Some of friends brought new friends. Some of our friends couldn’t make it. Some of our old friends found their way back.

Great weather for a tailgate. Plenty of food and beer.

Cyndee and Nydia made some incredible treats, and everyone pitched in with chips, dips, Mac-n-cheese. Even our new president, Nelson Rodriguez stopped by for a taste and chat!

And of course, there was beer. Light beer, craft beer, beer for everyone! Here’s the three I had at the tailgate (and my Legendary @Untappd 500th beer).

I know this was a quickly post, but it was opening day and with all the catching up with friends, I forgot to take more pictures.
Our next home game is Another Sunday, so if you “fancy a pint and some footy” join us at the tailgate, and if you mention @Pocketkkings sent you, you’ll likely get a free beer (while supplies last… Heheheee).

November 18, 2013 / Mr. Rojo

Craft beer at Lakewood CA Costco 11/18/13



November 1, 2013 / Mr. Rojo

Cost plus @worldmarket in @lakewoodca Nov2013 beers




September 22, 2013 / Mr. Rojo

.@costco @lakewoodca Sept 22

Look what I found.




I bought 2 of the 3. Any guesses?

September 3, 2013 / Mr. Rojo

Who says you can’t see the seasons change in California.


August 25, 2013 / Mr. Rojo

Pavilions in Lakewood, CA